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Sehome High School:

  • Graduated 2000
  • Focused on: AutoCad, technical drawing, programming, and computer trouble shooting

Whatcom Community College:

  • Years attended: 2000-2005
  • Graduated 2005
  • Primary focus: Programming
  • Secondary focus: physics
  • Degree: AAS transfer degree

Western Washington University:

  • Years attended: 2005-2009
  • Graduated 12/2009
  • Primary focus: Programming (data, game design, applications)
  • Secondary focus: physics
  • Tercery focus: math
  • Degree: BS in computer science, minor in math, minor in physics


Programming experience:

Very experienced in (more than 2 years of programming):

  • VB 6/.NET
  • C/C++
  • Java/J2ME
  • Python
  • ASM
  • PHP
  • MySQL (and SQL in general)


Also known (have touched on, less than 2 years of experience):

  • Perl
  • CGI
  • C#


Technology experience

Very experienced in (more than 2 years experience):

  • Windows
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Microsoft Office
  • OpenOffice


Also known (have touched on, less than 2 years experience)

  • Mac OS (limited knowledge)
  • Windows based servers


Job experience:

MCE Bayside (temp at ConocoPhillips, Ferndale, WA)

  • Job: office clerk
  • Duties: Sort papers, lift and move heavy boxes, catologue and index documentation,rebind
  • Dates: June 2007 - Dec. 2007
  • Reasons for leaving: Job was completed.

Computer Tech (self employed)

  • Job: help people with computer problems and questions
  • Duties: Help clients save money and learn more about computers and how to use them properly.
  • Dates: 1999-present


Hooch Games

  • Job: Update old code, implement new ideas
  • Duties: Research website security, implement secure code.
  • Dates: June 2008-December 2014


Loony Group, LLC

  • Job: Develop websites and browser games.
  • Duties: Work with clients to implement ideas and new features into current site and update and fix bugs in site.
  • Dates: July 2009-September 2009
  • Reasons for leaving: job was completed.


Pacific New Media

  • Job: Develop/fix websites
  • Duties: Work with clients to implement ideas and build dynamic solutions
  • Dates: May 2010-November 2011
  • Reasons for leaving: job was completed.



  • Job:  Rebuild and troubleshoot computers
  • Duties: Oversee the process of refurbishing computers, installing OS (Windows and Linux), administrating servers
  • Dates: June 2011-March 2012
  • Reasons for leaving: family obligations


Ripple Web Works

  • Job: build php library interface for a college listing API service
  • Duties: research, develop and test a php library interface for the given API
  • Dates: February 2012-January 2015


Whatcom Computer Service and Repair

  • Job: Repair customers computers and other electronic equipment, order parts and organize recycling
  • Duties: Run the business
  • Dates: May 2012-present

Computers 4 Kids

  • Job: Manager
  • Duties: manage the Computers 4 Kids program including but not limited to recycling scheduling, donation pickups and application processing
  • Dates: January 2013-Present